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Markham violin lessons 小提琴老師
Lesson Details


Our lessons are all private lessons conducted on a one-on-one basis and individually tailored to each student.


  • We accept new beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Children to adults!

  • Lessons are available in 30mins, 45mins, and 60mins lengths.

  • The length of the lesson will depend on the student's age and skill level.

  • Lessons occur once a week on a regular schedule, although a higher frequency can be requested.

  • Lesson plans are designed to fit each student individually. We work together toward their own goals and progress at their own comfortable pace.

  • Thorough preparation for practical examination, competition, and audition. Include ear training, sight-reading, and music theory exercise.

  • Detailed lesson notes for efficient practice at home after every lesson.

  • We also provide violin rental service for our students.

  • No registration fee is required.

  • Both in-person and online lessons are available.

Free Trial Lesson


Experience is important, and that is why we offer you a 30mins free trial lesson. It will be a perfect opportunity to assess the student's readiness and starting level. And also for you to discover whether this place is the right fit for you.


There is no obligation to sign up after your trial lesson has been taken.

Markham violin studio 小提琴老師
Parents' Role

Parents play a huge role in a child’s development, so does music learning. We encourage our parents to support their children not only financially, but also physically and mentally. We are always welcome parents to sit in during the lessons and participate in their children’s practice, especially for the younger children and beginners.



Learning music is not completed without performance. We always encourage our students to have as many performing experiences as they can, because that is something you cannot learn in the regular lessons. We provide annual recital for our students every year. We also encourage them to participate in music festivals, youth orchestra and/or different music groups to gain experience. Therefore, they can become stronger mentally when they perform under pressure, such as examination and audition.

Markham violin lessons 小提琴老師
Markham violin lessons 小提琴老師
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